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A History of the MP3 Player

You probably don’t recall the earliest MP3 players, either because you weren’t alive at the time or because you didn’t possess one. The 1998 Rio PMP300 was, for all intents and purposes, the first MP3 player of significance, regardless of whether model was really first to market. The RIAA was concerned that devices like the Rio might be used to exchange “stolen” data, and they panicked. The MP3 player, along with Napster, was regarded as the demise of the recording business, and even Metallica were embroiled in legal battles that now seem antiquated, if not ludicrous, in an era when music is more commonly subscribed to than purchased and owned.

Smart Button

Lights, music, and appliances can all be controlled with the touch of a button in a smart home. Keep it basic enough for even the youngest members of the family to grasp. Or go all out with  limitless customising options. With icon stickers, make it obvious what each button performs.


We can offer safe and cost-effective CCTV systems because of our significant CCTV installation business expertise paired with a long history of IP, networking, and IT abilities.Simple four-camera systems to fully integrated multi-site solutions with hundreds of cameras are available to customers.To assist your organisation stay COVID-secure, we can now incorporate thermographic screening stations into new or existing CCTV systems.

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